How Much Does It Cost to Make a Punjabi Song

If you follow the latest news, you may have noticed that Punjab has become India’s biggest non-film music industry. More than twenty songs per day are written, recorded, and released. I find that an astonishing number that’s why I decided to investigate how much it costs to make a Punjabi song. Here is what I found:

The cost of making a Punjabi song range between RS 7.000 & RS 25.000, the price is dependent upon your choice to record in professional or a home studio setup. Some studios charge by the hour and others offer a fixed price for all services, the studio’s popularity and status can influence the price.

Lets now dive into the specifics and explore the best studios to record your song, how much does it cost to make a Punjabi music video and much more!

Where Can I Record My Song, and What Services Are Best to Use?

If you live close to Delhi, you will be pleased to know you that many studios in that area offer a complete one-song-package. Commonly these type of packages include music production, vocal recording, mixing & mastering. A typical price for these services is somewhere around RS 10,000 ($130). 

PRO TIP: If you opt to visit a pro recording studio, remember always to negotiate to achieve a better price.

Here is a list of online and offline services that will help you start and finish your song.

What Are Punjabi Songs and Where Do They Come From?

Punjab is a region in South Asia divided into two parts West Punjab Pakistan and East Punjab India, Punjabi music has a diverse style of music ranging from folk, classical and Sufi.

Furthermore, the notion of traditional folk music remains an essential part of Punjab society because it helps in the preservation of long-established customs; these customs are very important to the locals. Also, a lot of songs are performed at ritual occasions, and they are an essential element in marking the stages of a ceremony. 

A ceremony’s topic can vary greatly, ranging from marriage, birth, or death. An example would be when family members and friends sing ceremonial songs during special occasions (such as weddings). During these ceremonials, parents show their children how important tradition is for their culture, which of course helps to protect their rituals.

What Instruments Are Used in a Punjabi Song?

Punjabi folk music is produced using traditional musical instruments such as the Tumbi, Dhadd, Chimta, or Algoze. In India every significant life event has its own range of folk songs; these songs are also present at fairs and religious ceremonies.

Themes of the past are often communicated in Punjabi folk songs; these are combined with strong feelings such as love, nurture, fear joy or separation.

What Is the Difference Between Punjabi and Hindi Music?

I remember that I’d got confused when I first heard about Punjabi music, the reason for my confusion came from the fact that because I thought Punjabi was the same as Hindi. 

Today I know that Punjabi and Hindi are two different languages and that Punjabi is spoken in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India. Also, Punjabi is widely spoken in Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana.

When it comes to the film industry, Punjabi movies and music go hand in hand with Bollywood’s rapid growth. Furthermore, modern Punjabi music is rawer and has fewer layers of poetry compared to Hindi music which is musical literature and diverse. 

However, traditional Punjabi music used to be more versatile in the past. You can compare it to old-school Hip-Hop and modern Trap music, none of the two is better than the other, but there is a significant change in the music and stories that these genres represent.

Cost of a Punjabi Music Video

The cost of recording a Punjabi music video depends on the following: the location, the artists/models involved, and the quantity & quality of the equipment used for the production. Typically one day of shooting will cost you between RS 62.200 and RS 72.000 ($900-$1100) WITHOUT taking into accordance accommodation and food cost.

Here is a quick breakdown of the equipment that you may need to rent:


There are endless options when it comes to choosing the right camera for the job, but we will focus on DSLR and RED cameras.

DSLR cameras: Think something in the likings of the 5D Mark III or the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV will cost between RS 3000 and RS 3500 per day.

RED cameras: May go as high as RS 30.000 per day.

Camera tools: 

A tripod, slider, and a glider may range between RS 1500- RS 2500 per day.

Lights are about RS 2200 – RS 2500 per day

Additional Services:

Video direction, props management, and scriptwriting often come as a bundle; prices range between RS 20,000 and RS 30,000.

Female Model

Many Punjabi songs feature a female model; she may ask something between RS 5000 and RS 10.000 per day.

Accommodation & food

These services depend upon the location, the number of people and type of accommodation you’ll choose. Research the area and compare prices.

Other Factors That Contribute to the Overall Cost Are

The duration of the shoot. This is self-explanatory, if the shoot is planned in a way that only one or two days are necessary, the total cost will be lower compared to a full week of shooting. 

Remember to always as for a discount before proceeding!

The Location of the Set:

Outdoors is, of course, cheaper compared to a set that is created inside the studio.

Animation: A lot of video clips feature eye-catching animation effects. These individual effects can play a major role in the online views; of course, adding them will increase the overall budget.

Artist involvement:  Try to get a famous artist. There are popular artists that will agree to be featured in your music video but be prepared to pay them a generous sum of money for their involvement. At this moment I don’t have congruent information about what a high caliber artist may charge, but if I were you I would contact their manager and ask them for a price quote.

Is It Worth Recording in a Professional Studio?

If you have the budget recording your song in a pro studio is the best option, but home studios can deliver equal results. 

However, if you currently don’t have the funds to access a professional studio I’ve thought of a creative solution for you, read along to find out more!

As mentioned above the price of recording a song in India totally depends on the type of studio. If it is home studio or a new studio the price for song cost between RS 5K and RS 8K ( about 70-100 US dollars).

However, If the company is well-known, prices typically range between RS 7K – RS 10K but may go as high as RS 25K. Price is also dependent upon the services you wish to include. The price will be much lower if you just record a vocal track and have the studio just mix your song compared to if you demand a complete production with proper arrangement, mixing, and mastering.

Try out My Creative Budget-Friendly Song Strategy!

I mentioned above that I have a solution for you if you currently don’t have the funds to access a professional music studio in India.

Step 1

Find a home studio or a producer to create the production and arrangement for you. There are a lot of online services where you can cherry-pick you, producer, Upwork or Soundbetter are two of my favorites. 

Not to brag but your best option is right here at Pop Song University.

I also offer production, mixing, and mastering services. If you want a result that you will be proud of, contact me directly through this form and we can bring your song to life!

Step 2

After your track is done, you can go to a professional studio and record your vocals properly. If however, the music producer is somewhere in your area, you may be able to record your vocals professionally at their home studio.

Step 3

After you have acquired a pristine recording go back to the home studio owner and have him properly mix your tracks. The last step is to find an affordable mastering engineer that will add the final touches and finish up your song. 

Again here at Pop Song University, I also offer mastering services. If you want outstanding results, contact me directly through this form, and we will bring your song to life!

How to Make Quality Home Recordings

If you want to make quality home recordings, there are a couple of guidelines you should follow

A) Make Sure Your Source Is a High-Quality One

If you want to get a professional recording, your audio source must be of high quality. You will need a good sounding microphone, a properly created vocal booth, and an excellent performance! 

It doesn’t matter if you own the best equipment. The most important part is the performance; only then you will be able to create quality recordings that resonate with your audience. A side note, I know that Autotune exists, but it can’t turn a lousy performance into a good one 🙂 .

However, If you need a pro microphone, I’d suggest the Audio-Technica AT2035 (click on the link to visit Amazon) or the Shure Beta 58A (click on the link to visit Amazon). 

The first is designed only for studio recordings where the Shure can be used in both life or studio situations. As a matter of fact I have information that  Bono from the band U2 uses the Shure Beta 58A almost exclusively while recording in the studio!

B) Use the Right Preamps

Regardless if you go for a condenser or dynamic microphone, you will need an excellent mic pre-amplifier to bring the mic to life! If you use cheap preamps, you may find that added noise or hiss is present in your recordings. 

I use the build-in preamps found in the Audient iD22, the unit itself costs about $500, but the preamps are EXACTLY the same that are found in the ASP-2024 console which cost about $15.000! 

I have dedicated a whole page that explores the best external audio interfaces and preamps they use. You can access that information right here and discover the last audio interface you’ll ever need that will perfectly fit your budget and needs!

How to Record Instruments at Home, the Right Way!

Recording instruments at a home-studio set up is much easier today compared to 5 or 10 years ago. This is due to the rapid technological leaps and VST instruments.

A couple of things to keep in mind when recording at home: 

1 Pay attention to the input levels that go into your DAW, 

2 Ensure that there are no other interfering signals 

3 watch your input levels they must not peak, (be in the red).

4 Try to keep your RMS at -12dB with your peaks hitting between -6db and -3dB.

It’s true that back in the day engineers used to records at higher levels to avoid the noise floor of the tape but in our digital age, these levels are pretty much sufficient. 

If you need more “juice,” try adding a compressor to increase the channels volume. I often us the Renaissance Maxx from Waves (Click on the link to visti their sales page).

PRO TIP: I’ve read interviews from famous recording engineers that stated that the “recording sweet spot” is between -18dB and -12dB. The reason for this reduction is because the sound appears “warmer” if you compare it with recordings that were made at higher input levels.

One area that most home studios fall short is not having a proper place to record vocals. Pro studios use vocal booths; these are spaces intended explicitly for recording solo instruments such as your voice. You don’t need much to create quality home recordings, but a proper vocal booth (even an inexpensive one) and a proper mic are definitely a must, acquire them and you can compete with the pro studios.

PRO TIP: If you’re planning to record vocals at home have a look at the Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield (click on the link to visit Amazon) it’s both inexpensive and sounds fantastic! I am sure you will be satisfied since I have used it A LOT with outstanding results! 

You can tell it’s very popular from the ever-growing number of reviews currently at 480!


There you have it! A short guide on how much does it cost to make a Punjabi song, and what your options are and if you decide to use a professional or Home Studio service. Please leave a comment with your thoughts and impressions!

See you around!

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