How Much Do Soundcloud Rappers Make

Do you remember SoundCloud, the online streaming service that featured only broke and unsigned artists? Well, not exactly… In Recent years SoundCloud has become a place where everyone can rise to stardom, there have been a plethora of artists topping the charts which originally started out of Soundcloud. I was curious knowing how much do Soundcloud rappers make, (scroll down to see the table with the estimated net worth of various Soundcloud rappers). Study shows that Soundcloud rappers that are still unknown to the general public make between $0 and $2000 per month. Soundcloud rappers with a major record deal make about $200 thousand and may go up as $35 million dollars, Soundcloud pays about $3 dollars per 1000 monetized streams.

Rappers nameEstimated Net worth
Ski Mask the Slump GodEstimated net worth of $2 million
Post MaloneEstimated net worth of $14 million
21 SavageEstimated net worth of $8 million
Trippie ReddEstimated net worth of $6 million
Chance the RapperEstimated net worth of $33 million
Lil pumpEstimated net worth of $6.5 million
Lil Uzi VertEstimated net worth of $17 million
XXXTentacionEstimated net worth of $5 million

Off course there are a few tricks you can implement that will grow your following and help you increase your income from Soundcloud, but first lets talk about…

What Is Soundcloud Rap?

If you follow social media I’m sure that at some point you heard about the term SoundCloud rap. This particular form of rap was created by DIY Internet artist, it’s a type of mumbling rap (or emo rap) which gained popularity in back in 2010 and became mainstream a few years back.

The main reason for this phenomenon is that SoundCloud artists are not in need of a distributor or a record label to be heard, which is the case in other major streaming services.

Because SoundCloud provides more power and control to artists, traditional music industry can’t keep up with the emerging rappers which everyday gain more and more popularity through social media and streaming services.

Who Started Soundcloud Rap

Despite a plethora of speculations The exact origins of SoundCloud rap remain unknown, however, its believed that S.C.R. Was popularized by Yung Lean back in 2002. Lean, who was a Swedish rapper, made it into the mainstream through his characteristic video clips aka “vaporwave style” and his spacey beats. Since then, his style has changed, and he has moved on to a more traditional rap style.

But according to Denzel Curry, a rapper from Carol City, rappers SpaceGhostPurrp, Gucci Mane, Florida, Lil B, Chief Keef, A$AP [Mob], and RVIDXR KLVN started the SoundCloud Rap trend back in 2010. As you may have noticed tracing the exact origins of SCR may be virtually impossible, there are a lot of rappers that try to get credit about the genre. Nevertheless, SoundCloud rap seed was succesfuly planted.

I’ts true that the first steps of S.C.R. can be traced back between 2002 and 2010 but it didn’t become a trend until a few years ago. With rappers like Lil Pump, Young Thug and Xxxtentacion popularizing the genre soundcloud rap virtually blew up! I’m sure you remember Lil Pumps Guggi Gang or Lil Uzi Vert’s XO Tour Llif3.


How  to Make Money from Soundcloud

Before we dive into the different ways you can earn an income with Soundcloud I firstly want to talk about a few recent changes.

Firstly, you keep 55% of your revenue.

I personally think that this is absurd giving away 45% of your income is worse than paying taxes! Of course if you are a well-known artist you’ll be able to make more money through your large fan base, but then again I don’t see the point in staying on Soundcloud after you have gained enough popularity. As a big artist you have the ability to create a good income from selling merchandise, digital downloads or get a label deal.

That said the 55% Soundcloud provides is more than other streaming services give. Take as example the streaming service giant Spotify which royalty rates are currently set at 50%, that is 5% less than what Soundcloud offers. Also, Soundcloud is still cheaper than most traditional music distribution methods.

First Way: Become a Qualified Artist

If you still wish to make an income from SoundCloud, you’ll have to become a qualified artist. In order to pass the qualifications you must have at least 5000 track plays in the past 30 days. If that wasn’t enough the plays must come from countries were Soundcloud subscriptions are available. These countries are United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Austria, Germany, France, Ireland, New Zealand and the Netherlands.

That said most artist target the US and the UK, but if your streams come from countries which are not on the above list, SoundCloud will not include these streams in the 5000 plays you need for to become a qualified artist.

SoundCloud revenue has an impact on your income,

the payment system of SoundCloud is based on how much the company makes from advertising and paid subscriptions. If they make more you earn more. If they make less you’ll earn less. Therefore there is no fixed rate per stream, contrary to Spotify, Tidal and other streaming services .

Second Way: Trough Monetization and Selling Tracks

If you want to monetize your music and make more money, then you’ll have to sell your music on SoundCloud.

For producers and artists alike, the best way of using S.C. is by using it as a bridge between your online music and an external site where you sell your tracks & merchandise. This is a smart move because you take advantage of the platform popularity and showcase yourself and grow your fan base.

Not only you can sell your music and merch through your own website you can also promote sample packs, cover art illustrations and almost anything else you can imagine!

How to Monetize Your Music on Soundcloud

First of all choose an online store. I personally have integrated the BeatStars platform onto my website and that is how I sell my music you can visit my sore by clicking this link.

The second step is to create a SoundCloud account, once you do that I’ll advise you to add links wich, I’ll describe bellow.

In total there are three links, and I suggest you add them all for maximum conversion rates.

The links I suggest are the following :

  • links in your Bio
  • track description links
  • Buy links

INTERESTING FACT: When people visit your profile there is a big chance that they will click on your bio links. 99% of the listeners that visit your profile page are interested in you as an artist.

[box type=”info”] Steps for bio links: Follow the steps for the ad link in your bio In your profile settings click on “edit”, then in the Bio section, add a link and click on “save changes”. [/box]

A) Add Track Description Links on Soundcloud

If you wish to drive traffic to your website (and you should) add track description links.

[box type=”info”] Steps for description links: The way to do that is by uploading a new song and simply paste a link in the description window. That’s it now you can post your track online.[/box]

B) Add Buy Links on Soundcloud

A buy Link is a button that is located in your catalogue under tracks. When the button is clicked, users are being sent to another site where they can purchase that specific track. Remember that if you want to use the binding option, you would need to be a member of the Pro or Pro unlimited plan, these plans range from $6 and $9 per month.

[box type=”info”] Steps for adding buy links: you wish to add a buy link go to metadata and add the link to your product.[/box]

Implement These Steps to Get More Sales on Soundcloud

A) Create a Marketing Plan

No matter what you want to achieve, you should identify what your goals are, not knowing what you’re after can make your journey last longer. You must know your audience what kind of music do they like, what their age is, and what are their interests. If you can answer these three simple questions, you will dramatically increase your chances of success.

B) Adjust Your Soundcloud Profile to Look Cool

Firstly think of a great username, your username should have something to do with your artist name. If you’re not into that I have seen people using their SoundCloud link as their username, but I guess this technique applies more to producers than artists.

A high-quality header image and a great profile picture are a must. Off course, you can always set your logo as your profile picture but keep in mind that your followers might engage less compared to a profile where you face is visible. For your header image, you can add a cover art or a well edited photo, it doesn’t really matter what you will place their as long as it is visually appealing.

One great tip is to use the same photo on all social media accounts, this will make you instead to be recognizable from your fans.

C) Upload Great Music

this might seem like a silly suggestion but trust me it isn’t, there are a lot of artists who upload crappy music if you make sure your music is valuable and if it complies to commercial standards you will have a big advantage compared to the competition.

D) Create Quality Cover Art

Humans are highly visual creatures, we tend to like shiny objects and enjoy things that are out of the ordinary, that’s why hiering a professional to create your cover art is a great idea. You can find freelancers trough online services such as Fiver or Upwork or you can create your own cover art. Use an online platform such as Canva to do so. (clicking on each of these links will bring you to the companies homepage.

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