My Story

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In The Beginning

I was introduced to the wonderful world of music by my father. He was a full-time musician, singer, and guitar player.

In our home studio, I discovered all kinds of genres, including pop, jazz, blues, rock, Greek folk music, Latin, classical, and more. I also learned to understand and appreciate the sonic characteristics of various songs and albums. 

For example, I would listen for hours to “The Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd, “The White Album” by The Beatles, or Supernatural By Carlos Santana.

A Deeper Sense of Connection

My parent’s music collection was extensive, being well above 400 Cds and vinyl combined. I know that this is probably difficult to imagine to the younger reader since, with streaming services such as Spotify, you have millions of songs at your fingertips.

But the upside of not having access to all the music that is available in the world is that you learn to appreciate and value each album and each track that you have. 

There is a more profound sense of connection formed by the listener and the artist, which is achieved by understanding not only the notes that they play but also by understanding their mindset and the emotional world at the moment of recording.

That is something unique that can’t be replicated with the occasional background listening experience that so many people are used to.

I compare it to merely watching a movie while simultaneously engaging in conversation with friends or immersing yourself in the film and completely forgetting about the world around you!

My First Music Notes

It was not long until I decided to grab a guitar myself. I was about 13 years old, and I remember vividly that it was fascinating to play my favorite songs on my Epiphone Gibson Les Paul. 

I practiced a lot, formed local bands, and had a lot of fun performing, learning, and discovering new musical aspects.

Playing the guitar is a skill that I still engage myself. All 11 guitars that I own (some are mine, some were my fathers) are in top condition since I always take great care of my instruments.

To be continued…