Hi. I have a question for you: Do you like surprises?

(Warning: Before you answer, think carefully)

Did you answer “yes”?

If you did, I say, “bullcrap!”… Why?

Because (like everyone else on this planet) I bet you only like the surprises you want!

And all the rest -the surprises you don’t want- you call problems. πŸ™‚

You’re in luck because this page is going to show you how to demolish one of the biggest problems you ever faced…

-your lack of income problem.


The story your about to read is full of surprises (or problems).

It all depends where you stand.

A New Reality

We’re living through a new reality as artists and musical professionals. The number one source of music income (live shows) has had its legs cut off. Artists can no longer rely on making a living just from live performances and selling merch. The music landscape is changing as we speak!

And if that wasn’t enough, ultra-low DIY barriers to entry have dramatically increased competition. In an effort to turn the world’s population into music-making eyeballs. The billion-dollar social media platforms have successfully transformed everyone with a $200 budget and a MIDI-keyboard into an artist, a music-maker, or a songwriter. With a free megaphone and a potential reach of millions of ears.

If what I said was not crystal clear, allow me to rephrase: Competition is sky high, and music income is declining. Fast!

A Quick (But Necessary) Heads Up:

Because I respect your time, I want to come clean about what this page isn’t and give you the “bad news” first. What I’m about to share with you won’t make you rich overnight. It’s not easy. You’ll have to do the work, and most people will quit before making one dollar. Chances are you’ll quit, too.

That’s the bad news out of the way. β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹


Now, allow me to give you something that can double your album salesincrease your merchandise salesand raise your position in the charts.

I am talking about the “Music Booster Strategy” (or MBS for short).​​​​​​​

This is the same strategy currently used by artists such as Madonna, Prince, Taylor Swift, JAY-Z, Phora, The Chainsmokers, Nicki Minaj, and more.

Did I get your attention?


Then click here to access the “Music Booster Strategy” right now!

PS. Don’t worry; you don’t have to enter your email. Just click the button and get it risk-free.

Once you read it you’ll realize that MBS is a perfect example what a creative approach to selling music can do for you (read: plenty of income).

More on that in a bit.

For now, allow me to tell you a story that will inspire you, motivate you, and maybe… 

(I promise you won’t believe your eyes after reading this).


The Big Night Is Tonight

The time had finally come.

Jeff had gotten his foot in the door in one of the best and most popular clubs of the area. 

The place where all the rich “kids” hang out.

However, he was utterly oblivious to the big “surprise” he was about to face. 

A surprise that would change him forever.


Jeff was his late twenties. Had an enormous love for his music and just had gotten a new day job.

“It pays the bills”, he said.

He and his girlfriend (Amanda) were big dreamers.

Traveling the world. ( To Mauritius to be exact.)

Buying a villa.

Someday maybe start a family.

You know, the usual stuff.

But for now, all that belonged far, far in the future.

Because big-J. (that’s how I call him) had more urgent matters to focus on.

With five hours of sleep, four large cups of coffee, and just four-and-a-half hours before the show.

Jeff was at home practicing his performance.

His guitar was tuned.

His lyrics engraved in his mind

and his midi keyboard plugged in.

He was the true definition of a one-man show.

“One final practice”, he reasoned as he sang the same

song for the thirteenth time in a row.

Now, fast forward five cups of coffee and one hour before the show.

 Jeff wasn’t nervous. 


He was freaking out!

Not only that, but his body decided to use every pore

available to extract the liters of coffee he had just consumed.

He was sweating all over the place.

“I need to calm the heck down”, he thought.

Two shots of “Jack” later he was smiling, that solved that problem.

No more insecure thoughts.

And when the moment came. He had to force himself on stage.

He started singing.

He was pouring his heart out.

Giving the performance of his life.

And the crowd loved it.

They loved him.

He was ecstatic!


However, as it would appear later, a short-lived victory.


The next day after he got a few hours of sleep.. The phone decided to wake him. He was exhausted. 

But it was Amanda.

She was coming over.

Like right now! She sounded worried. Afraid even. He couldn’t tell the difference.

Exactly five minutes after his GF rushed in his apartment, his heart begun raising again.

He got the same uncontrollable sweat crisis he had the night before.

The cause?

The three words she said to him.

“I am pregnant!”


With a matter of seconds, he was battling with his primitive brain.

Fight or flight.

Stay and face the situation or run away with his tail between his legs?

Maybe shut her down?

For a few (endless) moments, big-J just stood there.

He was gazing at Amanda. Who, in the meantime, was having a severe meltdown.

Right after the initial shock passed, Jeff finally took charge!

He was quick to reassure Amanda that he would do everything

in his power to provide for her and his unborn child.

Everything for my family’, he said to Amanda.

He chose to fight.

That was the right choice if you ask me.


The next morning Jeff was up at 6:00 am.

It was his day off, but he had a lot to do.

A lot of things to figure out

Finances were one of them.

The most important probably.

When he did the math, he soon realized that $1000 in savings would not cover even the basics he would need for his child.

And his not huge but important $5,000 dept wasn’t exactly helping.

On top of that, the 250 square feet bachelor apartment he was living in was embarrassingly small for his wife and unborn.

He had to make a move.


A month later, Jeff was double shifting.

Taking every hour he could at his day job.

Performing live at local bars and clubs.

He was drained, to say the least.

At least his efforts were producing results.

He was saving up!

But still.

He had crunched the numbers and knew that the baby’s first year would cost between $5,000 and $13,000.

“Still $12,500 to go”, he thought to himself.

Amanda was also double shifting at the cafeteria.

She did her best

But numbers weren’t adding up.

On top of that, she had shared the news with her parents.

Who didn’t like Jeff.

At all.

“A musician?” They said in despise.

“That is like saying he is unemployed.”

Yep, that’s the kind of parents they were.

Super loving

But also super protective of their daughter.

Kinda cruel sometimes,


That’s when Jeff reached out to me.


I met big-J at a seminar back in 2018.

Here is a picture of the event.

(I cant tell you who Jeff is in respect for his privacy)

The seminar was three days long, so we had plenty of time to connect.

After it finished, we kept in touch.

Drinking the occasional beer and making music together.


When Jeff called me, he sounded excited. But very scared.

Exited for the baby but scared for the future.

He later told me that every morning when looking in the mirror, he would feel sweat starting to trickle down his neck. 

Because he had NO “plan b” for making the $13.000 he needed for they baby. NO idea how he could continue double shifting and performing live every week and NO idea where he would find the resources to move to a suitable home for his wife and unborn child.


That is a bad place to be brother!

I felt his despair and sadness growing as he spoke.

I knew I had to do something to help him.

And I had to act fast.

Two days later, his phone rang.

I called him up and told him the plan I had prepared.

And after I was done explaining my plan, I noticed from his voice that he got a bit relieved.

But he was still cautious.

Now, when I think back, I suspect that he didn’t (completely) believed me atm.

I don’t blame him, though.

Because what I told Jeff was that he could pay his debt, make the $15.000 and move to a new home BEFORE he even would lay eyes on his unborn child.

That is hard to grasp when despair is taking charge.

You see, I was so confident because I had found Jeff’s problem.

The primary source of his financial problems was that he was relying on just three income sources.

1) Live shows

2) Spotify streams (The release and pray way)

3) And selling CDs from the back of his truck.


But what I had prepared for him was 12 -effective- income strategies.

Remember the “Music Booster Strategy”?

That is strategy No1.

Btw I will share everything with you, including all the details, later on.

After I went to his place, and after I sat him down explaining everything Jeff decided that he would:

1) Keep performing live 3x a week

2) Use the “Music Booster Strategy” and create merch bundles

3)Try and reach more fans using my Spotify strategy

5) Use the lyric display strategy

6) Try and get session gigs

7) Add a membership function on his site.

Boy, that was a lot! But he was determined.

Scared, but determined.

I knew that he and Amanda hustled every day.

You can find all the details later in the gratis course but here is what I told big-J: “You can make the money you need IF you take this seriously and do the work.”

These are the numbers I presented to him:

Live performances: $960

Jeff was currently performing 1-2 times a week. I showed him how to get more deals and keep his eye on the big price. What he needed was a performance strategy with a big ROI.

β–ͺ Performing live 3x a week for $100 per show (minus $20 expenses per day) = $960 a month

Music Booster: $600-$1,020

Next, I shifted his focus on the “Music Booster Strategy”.

Using the “MBS” he should be able to increase both his CD sales and merchandise sales all at once!

The trick is to create bundles that include exclusive tracks, exclusive videos, or merchandise. You can sell a shirt paired with an album (digital or physical) for about $30 – $40 per bundle.​​​​​​​ 

Thus 20 bundles per month x $30= $600


34 bundles per month x $30 = $1,020

Then came the tricky part.

Streaming: $437-$4,030

Lance Allen (the smiley guy on top of the page) paid his house all by streaming and teaching guitar.

Now that is impressive!

The problem with streaming is that you typically get paid much later.

Sometimes waiting six months or more.

I told Jeff that this shouldn’t be a problem as long as we combined the other income sources to achieve the maximum result possible.

You see if he managed to get 100.000 plays per month at the four major streaming services, he could make $4,030 each month.

Here are the numbers:

β–ͺ Napster $0.019 per stream x 100.000 = $1,900

β–ͺ Tidal at $0.0125 per stream x 100.000 = $1,250

β–ͺApple at $0,0056 per stream x 100.000 = $560

β–ͺSpotify $0,0032 per stream x 100.000 = $320

Total: $4,030 pm

Note: Streaming rates might have changed since then.

Then I introduced him to three new strategies:

1) Lyric display.

2) Session gigs.

3) Membership options.

We decided to call it a day because his schedule was becoming rather hectic.

I didn’t want him to get burned out.

Here is a brief summary of the remaining three strategies Jeff used:

Lyric Display. $600 – $1200

A lot of artists don’t have the budget to pay $1000+ for a music video.

That’s why a high-quality lyric display video is a great option.

The problem is that most artists don’t want/don’t know how to create them.

I showed Jeff how to make professional music videos (on a budget) and market his skills to get weekly customers.

For lyric videos, he could easily charge $150 (or more) per video.

But even going for half that price ($75) and with just two videos per week, he can make an extra $600.

Again that is a pretty conservative estimation.

Session musician: $600 – $1200

In the past, to be a successful session musician, you HAD to move to one of the major cities (LA, NY, or Nashville).

This is no longer the case.

Session musicians can now work from home. They will communicate with the producer (artist) and digitally send their recordings back and forth.

Jeff could make at least $600 pm.

If he managed to get just three session gigs per week at a low rate of $50 per gig.

Of course asking for $100 per session is not uncommon at all!

That would bring him a total of $1200 pm.

Membership site$416-$1,666

Did you notice the picture at the top of this page?

On the right side, you see Ali & Aj.

These two girls manage to get $9,900 a year per 100 subscribers, all due to their membership site.

MS work so well because fans feel that they have entered the VIP zone.

This is a list with a few options I presented to Jeff that he could offer for his membership site:

  1. Discounted/free concert tickets,
  2. Discounted merch bundles
  3. Exclusive songs
  4. Exclusive audio blogs
  5. Exclusive videos
  6. Behind-the-scenes footage
  7. Opportunities to collaborate with the band​​​​​​​

And more…

Let’s again be conservative and set the yearly fan membership site fee at $50.

That is $4.16 per month per fan.

A Mocca tall at Starbucks costs $4.29

As I said. A pretty conservative number.

100 fans x $50 = $5,000 (per year) or $416 per month.

But depending on what you offer, you can easily ask $100 per-year-per-fan.​​​​​​​

If you double the fee or fan number (or both), you could be looking at $10,000 and $20,000 per year (or between $833,33 and $1,666 per month).

Getting 50 or 100 fans per year mean that you need between 4 and 8.3 fans per month. That is about 1 and 2 fans per week. Who are willing to invest between $4.29 and $8.3 a month for a year.

This is the final monthly income Jeff was looking at:

On the conservative side, Jeff should earn: 960+600+437+600+600+416= $3,613 per month!

And on the high side: 960+1,020+4,030+1,200+1,200+1,666= $10,076 per month!

ATTENTION: The strategies I described are just that. Descriptions. With Jeff, however, we went into much more detail covering every angle.​​​​​​​

Of course with some income streams (such as streaming or building a brand on Fiverr) you will have to have patience since results will show rather later than sooner.

When I explained all that to Jeff, I saw his eyes light up.

He now believes it is possible.

In the next few months, Jeff gave all hed got.

He went late to bed

Woke up early

He hustled and fought will everything hed got.

Since then, he became my example of what is capable of a human being if one is determined.

God knows that Jeff was.

He was all in.

I am very proud of him because he managed to:

  • Get many more consistent weekly gigs.
  • Get featured on Spotify playlists with 10.000+ subscribers.
  • (This opened up the doors also for other streaming services)
  • Get 104 new superfans that are committed to the 12-month subscription.
  • Create and sell more than 20+ lyric display videos.

With all that he managed to make $9.000 just two weeks before his baby girl was born!

He told me that he was super excited (and tired), but most of all, he was extremely grateful for his family and what I taught him.


As a matter of fact, I talked to Jeff yesterday. 

Between finishing a new session gig and packing his bags. Jeff, Amanda, and Elisa (his now almost-two-year-old daughter) were going on a (much deserved) 6-week vacation.

To where?



Their dream location.

They were flying there that night.

To use Jeffs’s words, he said: “Mark, the big night is tonight. This is much more than just a vacation for me. It is a totem of my journey. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us. I mean it”.

Now this story is a great example of what you could achieve using the same strategies. 

Will you achieve as much as Jeff did, or even more?

Maybe. But I don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future.

But what I know for sure is that if you tackle even one of the @@ music income strategies, you will definitely be closer to your goals!

That is a fact. The @@@ will move you forward and show you how to increase your income.

Now comes the fun part.

You see a course like this, I could sell for a good (read: high) price, and honestly, I wouldn’t feel guilty doing that.

You see I don’t mind asking money in exchange for value. Because when the tables are turned and I’m sitting at your place, when I decide to give my money in exchange for value, I never regret it.

As long as the value-bringer keeps his end of the bargain.

But today is not that day.

Today is even better.


Because I decided to give this course yo you… Gratis!

Yes, that is my gift to you.

I will show you how to access (and keep) this course to study and implement in just a minute.

What I’m asking is only two simple things from you.

A) To take this seriously. It is your future that we’re talking about after all, not mine. And you are the one that will benefit from this course if you implement (at least some of) the strategies.

B) If you decide that the material and strategies I share with you are awesome, share this course with a friend that will also benefit from it! In my book, sharing is caring!

So to recap, you will get access to the following:

  • The 12 Music Income Strategies That Help You Master Your Financial World
  • BONUS 1: Music Streaming Essentials
  • BONUS 2: How Do Main Music Acts (Artists and Bands) Get Paid?
  • BONUS 3: 7 Tips for Successful Music Demo Submissions.

And the only two things you need to do are: take this journey seriously (honestly commit to completion) and share the course with a friend who can also benefit from it.

Now, share the love!πŸ˜€ 

That’s it!